Another First Date

I met up with another guy from last night at Oddfellow’s Cafe.  I’ve emailed with this guy (I will call him – world traveler) since just before New Year’s Eve and I was excited to meet him.  His pictures were adorable and he travels all the time for work, so he has all kinds of interesting travel stories.  He has also lived abroad, which is something I have also done and I thought we would have a lot to talk about. 

The night started off badly.  I was running late so I drove, and then there was no parking anywhere, so I ended up driving back and parking near my apartment and walking.  I arrived late and out of breath and starving because I had been running errands all afternoon and hadn’t had food all day. 

World Traveler was waiting at a table and had already ordered a beer.  We talked beer for a minute, I ordered my own and I asked if he was hungry and was going to order food.  I had planned on having dinner before I met up with him, but had run out of time.  His response was a little bizarre:

“Actually, I’m not eating dinner at all for a while. ..I gained 5 lbs. over the holidays and I’m trying to cut back”.  Ummm. . yeah.  This was irritating for two reasons, 1) World Traveler is not a big guy.  As far as I could tell, he was pretty darn fit and trim (manorexic perhaps?)  and 2) I had just mentioned I was starving, and his answer came out sounding like it was some sort of personal flaw that I actually NEEDED to eat food.  Good grief.  I awkwardly ordered a small hummus plate (although part of me now wishes I had ordered the enormous pork chop with potatoes and braised greens just to spite him) and nibbled on my small food self-consciously. 

Besides that awkwardness, the date went fairly well.  We exchanged travel stories and had a couple of good laughs.  I’m not sure that I’m interested in a second date with him, but the conversation was quite good and he was cute so if he is into it, I would probably give it a second go.  We’ll see. 

Stay tuned for more. ..I have another first date on Friday.  Hopefully somewhere along the way I’ll run into a 2nd or 3rd date!


~ by cleanslate2010 on January 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Another First Date”

  1. I agree — a bit weird of him to say that he wasn’t going to eat for that reason!

    Or maybe that’s just me — I would NEVER admit to a date early on that I want to lose 10 lbs or so — hey, why reveal any flaws that they might not have seen otherwise??

    There should be a single word or expression for the guy we’d consider a second date with, but only if they made the effort. Will think about that.

  2. right? why would you offer up information about your flaws? especially imaginary once that make you appear insecure and neurotic?

    it’s a good thing to think about. . .what to call the guy you’d go out with again, only if he is doing the pursuing. i will have to think about that as well.

  3. To put it bluntly, I don’t trust people who don’t eat dinner! But let’s hope his world-traveling ways and humor make up for that :).

  4. Clearly he is not opposed to calories in the evening since the beer was not out……skip the beer and have something with nutrients or dude spend an extra hour at the gym.

    Come on now, be a man, have some courtesy for the girl you are meeting up with and offer split something or at the least don’t make her feel weird about ordering food with your post-holiday weight loss confessions.

    I think it would be a good idea given ex food issues to skip on any guy with weird food issues. It just seems to be a sign of some bigger weirdness going.

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