Los Angeles!

I’m headed out after school to a conference in Los Angeles for a couple of days. 

I’m hoping it will be very much like when Carrie Bradshaw went to LA and there will be opportunities to rent a convertible, lounge by a pool, visit a movie set and hang out with Vince Vaughn and Matthew McConaughey.  Most likely it won’t be that thrilling, but I am excited to leave the Seattle gloom behind and spend a couple of days in the sun.  I even packed a swimsuit with the earnest hope of being able to take a dip in the ocean, or at least a hotel swimming pool.

I don’t have any second dates planned from any of last weeks dates and I can’t say I’m terribly disappointed.  I mean really, if you don’t even know a guys name is it possible that he is your soul mate?   Doubtful.  And I wasn’t exactly set on seeing the manorexic again. I’ve been emailing several potential dates and have a couple of set-ups in the works, so I’m hoping my dance card will be full when I return home. 

In the meantime I will keep updating with dating horrors from my past, not to mention an idea I have brewing for a Valentine’s Day contest!


~ by cleanslate2010 on January 13, 2010.

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