technical difficulties

i am home sick with a cold, and my computer crashed.  my roommate is generously loaning me hers for a few moments so i thought i would post a quick update on my date with young paul mccartney.  i am typing this from a french keyboard and my brain is fuzzy from cold medicine, so forgive the lack of capital letters and appropriate punctuation.

in regards to ypm, he is not actually very young.  i am 33, and never considered dating dudes that are in the 40-something range, but i realized recently that it is not such a stretch.  for some reason i continue to think of myself as a 25-year-old.   it freaked me out a bit to be out with a 40-year-old.

ypm suggested meeting up at a pub i know well.  it is a neighborhood pub near my house where i used to bartend part-time.   i know everyone that works there, as well as most of the regulars.  i am a regular.  i have thought about going there on a first date before, but have avoided it, since it might weird a date out that i know everyone in the place and i might very well run into ex-boyfriend there (although i think he knows better than to show his face there).

we met up at the pub around 5:30 for happy hour.  i was hungry for dinner and was pleased when he said he was hungry too.  we ordered some food and beer and conversation flowed easily.  i suspect he thought it was a bit strange that nearly everybody working at the pub stopped by to visit our table for a chat, but he did not let on.

around 7pm,  i realized the pub was heating up for trivia night.  i had forgotten it was trivia night and was itching to join in.  i asked if he wanted to stay, and he let me know he had to go home to walk his dog.  i asked if he would mind if i texted a few friends to meet up with me, and he said no problem.  i was sure by this point he thought i was crazy.  who invites friends to join them while they are out on a blind date?  i was having fun, but was not completely enraptured with ypm, so i gave up on trying to make an awesome impression.

after i texted a couple of friends and had one friend on the way, he decided to order another beer.  i was nervous about ypm meeting a friend of mine, but  my good friend Jenny showed up and the conversation kept going and never got awkward.  ypm stayed long enough to help with the first round of trivia.  our team had an excellent showing and took second place overall.

ypm sent me a cute email today, checking in to see if my team had won last night.  a second date is in the works and i think it will be fun to see him again.   my gut is telling me he has more potential as a friend than as a boyfriend, but the fact that he put up with me being a totally bizarre first date last night warrants a second round.


~ by cleanslate2010 on January 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “technical difficulties”

  1. I think he sounds kind of adorable! I mean, he looks like Paul McCartney, drinks beer, plays trivia, and has a dog…sounds like a good match to me. No sparks?

  2. we are going to the dog park this weekend. maybe there will be more sparks on date two 🙂

  3. Sounds promising so far! Interesting, that it freaked you out to be out with a 40-year-old — but I guess a 7 year difference can be a bit much.

    I was out with a guy friend last night — I’m 40, and he’s 54. We started talking about dating, and he mentioned that he doesn’t really date women his own age — when I asked why not, he said, “because I don’t have to”.

    Yowza! I’m going to write a blog post about this soon…

  4. I hope you feel better soon and I hope date 2 is more fun. Maybe being around dogs and not old co-workers will be less intimidating for him and make for a better date. P.S. This “Jenny” person sounds awsome!

    • I’m sure i’ll have fun going out with him again. 🙂 Jenny is a good trivia partner. There was an audio category where you heard a song and had to identify what movie it was in. Jenny and I cleaned up!

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