It’s A Small World

Oh, the horror.  I was just searching to see if anyone new or interesting was online, and who shows up but my team teacher.  (Please note:  if any of you from my work who read this ever mention this out loud to anyone but me, I will never speak to you again!)

Running into folks you know on an online dating site is awkward.   I know there is no need to be embarassed.  Everyone and their brother has or is online dating these days.  Nonetheless, I always feel weird about it.  It is especially awkward when you run into someone you work with.  Seattle isn’t such a small city, but you would be surprised how often this happens.  Here are a couple of folks I have had awkward online run-ins with:

My student’s dad  Back in the day when I was a student teacher, I was living in a small town called Bellingham, located about an hour north of Seattle.  Besides student teaching, I was waitressing at a brewery, so I should have known that I would mostly just run into folks that I saw drunk at my bar most nights.  Instead of seeing dudes from the brewery online though, I ended up getting winked at by the dad of one of my students.  Not only was he the dad of a kid in my class, but he lived about 5 doors down.  I wasn’t into him, but the fact that he winked at me on instead of just approaching me and saying ‘hello’  in person was a huge turn off.   I ignored his wink and pretended I had never seen his profile.   The parent-teacher conference with him, me, his ex-wife and my grumpy host teacher was just as awkward as you can imagine.

My socially awkward co-worker that I thought was gay:  A few years back, someone talked me into trying eHarmony.  I officially hate eHarmony these days, but at the time I was optimistic.   I spent hours taking personality tests, uploading photos and setting up my profile.  I was going to meet the man I was going to marry!  But then eHarmony sent me my first batch of matches (you aren’t allowed to search eHarmony, just interact with folks they send you) and there at the top of the list was an old-coworker.  He wasn’t just any old co-worker.  We had worked together for 2 years at a non-profit.  Our office was tiny and arranged so that the four of us sharing a space all faced one another.  My socially awkward co-worker was a nice guy, but had an intense, serious personality that didn’t mesh particularly well with my witty, open and carefree personality.  He was living in some shared housing near the University and spent most of his time with a special “friend” that we all presumed was his boyfriend.  He was the LAST person I would ever match myself with, in a million years.   Just like  with my student’s dad, I pretended I had never seen his profile and appreciated the fact that he never mentioned mine. 

Hopefully my team teacher hasn’t seen my profile.  Although he is a nice guy and I get along with him professionally, he is NOT what I am looking for romantically. 

Anyway – that’s all for now.  I will update again soon!


~ by cleanslate2010 on February 3, 2010.

One Response to “It’s A Small World”

  1. once, only once, at the very beginning of my dating, i saw online a college classmate whom i’d had _one_ date with
    ** 39 ** years earlier….

    whatever site we were both on, match or jdate, i was able to ‘block’ him.

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