Ghosts of Dates Past – The Formal

Cute artist and I had been dancing around each other for weeks.  We had stayed up late together; drinking beer, watching movies, snuggling on the couch and talking until the wee hours.  One night we were at his apartment, sharing a bottle of wine and playing ping-pong.  We weren’t officially dating at this point, but  the flirtation had been constant and our friendship seemed to border on a romantic relationship.  I was just drunk enough to ask him to be my date to my school’s annual black tie auction.   He agreed and I was excited we had an official date planned. 

He called and texted a lot in the days leading up to the event.  Should he wear a suit or a tux?  Did I want him to drive?  Would we be having the beef or the seafood entrée?  I purchased an adorable, black cocktail dress and some new high heels.  The day of the event, I went to my favorite stylist for a hair cut and a style.  My stylist through in a make-up application for free.  I borrowed some jewelry and a great handbag from a friend.  I looked good.  I was ready.

Cute artist showed up exactly on time to pick me up.   He opened the car door for me and the date got off to a fantastic start.  The auction was held at a museum in Seattle and we had a brilliant time walking around, sipping expensive champagne.   We were surrounded by people, but it felt like we were the only two in the room. 

For dinner, we joined a group of my friends who were already seated at our table.  All of them knew that this was my first “official” date with the cute artist.  At one point he left to use the restroom and my female co-workers all gushed “he is adorable!  he is so into you!  he can’t take his eyes off you!”.  I was ecstatic.   Dinner included three full courses and a lot of wine.   Before your wine glass was half empty, someone had refilled it.  I would have been content to sit and sip wine and talk to him for days.

A couple of hours and several glasses of wine later, it was time to go.  Cute artist went to get his car and we drove home.  When we got to my apartment, cute artist made a show of walking around the car to open my door.  I don’t know if he kissed me, or I kissed him, but we began making out right there in the street.  I was getting ready to ask him in when all of a sudden he pulled back.

“I can’t do this anymore.  There’s something I haven’t told you!  I have a long distance girlfriend on the East Coast.”

I was floored.  Weeks of flirting and this had never come up?  Really?  Without a glance back at him, I walked up the stairs to my apartment, walked in, and slammed the door behind me.  We stopped spending time together after that.  I found out a while after that the East Coast girlfriend had dumped him.  I wasn’t surprised.


~ by cleanslate2010 on February 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ghosts of Dates Past – The Formal”

  1. Bastard. It sounded so promising as well.

    Kitty x

  2. Wow. What a douche. Good story though?

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