The Hideout

I went out for beers tonight with a guy from  We’ve been trying to schedule a date for a couple of weeks now, and finally made it happen.  He suggested the place, a cozy, dark bar called The Hideout that serves up good cocktails, not too far from my place.  We got inside, he bought us a round of drinks and we settled in at a table.  He is cute and conversation was good right from the start.  I was excited to finally be on a GOOD first date.

THEN, I hear my name and turn and look and standing in front of me is the first boyfriend I ever had from 6th grade, except that instead of being an awkward pre-teen, he is HOT now.  We became Facebook friends last year and have been interacting online, but I hadn’t seen him in person since high school!  Fifteen years ago! 

It turns out he is staying at his parents for awhile, helping them with some house projects.  He is a climbing guide and moves around a lot during the year, so he is just here for a visit.  Interestingly enough, i’m housesitting for MY parents this weekend, who live less than a half-mile away from his parents, so we reminisced about the old days for a few minutes and then made plans to get together and climb over the weekend. 

And all the while, my very cute, polite, interesting date was just sitting there.  AWKWARD.  6th Grade Boyfriend wandered off to hang out with his friends and I refocused my energy on my date.  The rest of the evening was great.  Good conversation, lots of giggling and plans to get together next week!

A second date with a nice guy AND a plans with a super hot old flame?   Definitely one of the more successful first dates I’ve had in recent times!!


~ by cleanslate2010 on March 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Hideout”

  1. It’s the season. Things perk up in spring (especially the men).

  2. Hmm sounds very good indeed… We’ll be waiting to hear from the 2nd date(s)!

    PS: I left something for you on my page 🙂

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