sometimes you just can’t win. . .

So, the cute guy I went out with last week and I were trying to make plans to go out again.  I emailed him to confirm plans, and I hadn’t heard back from him.  I was thinking he wasn’t as into it as I thought originally.  This evening I received this email from him:

Hey Teri, it was really good to meet you too.
I have to be honest and say that I think we may be mis-matched. This has nothing to do with whether I like you personally or not. Actually I like you a lot.
I am told I am laid back all the time, but the reality is that I am only comfortable when I am in control, and you are too confident and emotionally mature for me to be in a relationship with as strange as that sounds.
Actually, I should probably be in therapy before I go dating people.

Oh well. . .if he thinks he needs therapy, he probably does, and I suppose i’m better off without him.  Nonetheless, he was one of the few first dates where I felt a connection, so i’m a little disappointed.  I was surprised that he described me as too confident and emotionally mature, because I don’t consider myself either when it comes to dating.   Anyway – i’ve been lazy about lately, but I think it’s time to start searching again.


~ by cleanslate2010 on March 9, 2010.

10 Responses to “sometimes you just can’t win. . .”

  1. Now _that_ is strange.
    How old was he?
    I had 57 first-dates over a 3-year period that included several long-term relationships, and many of them (the dates, i.e. the men) were Wacky — but no one ever told I was too confident or too mature! — Not because I wasn’t, haha, but because that’s the kind of woman men in their 60s say they’re looking for. So your guy was a little weird but at least was honest. As the shrinks like to say, “a bullet dodged.” — Actually I came to hate that expression.

    Anyway, on to the next for you.

    • he is in his early 30s, like me. anyway – my ex boyfriend needed therapy and wouldn’t admit, so i like that this guy is putting his craziness out there, but i still can’t believe i was rejected for being ‘too mature’

      i mean, what is the dude looking for?

  2. Wow. Really?! I can’t believe it. Which guy was that? I could see how that might be true for someone, but I can’t believe he TOLD you that. Kind of refreshing but shitty at the same time?! If you didn’t have a blog, I’d be insisting you need one for these stories! Wow.

    And we should ALL be in therapy. That, or I’ve wasted thousands of dollars and years of my life…

  3. the one i was out with when i ran into 6th grade boyfriend. maybe that put him off?

  4. what?!? only a crazy person would think confidence is a bad thing. at least he was honest about himself upfront… there’s nothing worse than a control freak, well, almost nothing.

  5. Oh yes — it’s a VERY good thing you didn’t waste any more time on this one!

    • right? my ex-boyfriend SO needed therapy and i don’t need to get involved with that again. high five to this guy for at least admitting that he has issues.

  6. I have been meaning to tell you this for a while now…you are also too intelligent, too witty, and too attractive.

  7. I say, forget about him and move on.

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