A Real Man

My third graders turned in book reports this week.  I had them make dioramas.  I’m sure you all remember making these.  A shoebox, possibly painted or covered in wrapping paper or craft paper that you filled with random objects or cardboard people, that recreated a scene from the book you read. 

Highest marks go to a girl in my class who did her book report on Little House on the Prairie.  Here is a photo of it in all it’s glory:

First of all, extra credit to my student for using a Ken doll as “Pa” and not bothering to dress him in a shirt. 

If you turn the shoe box around there are descriptions of the main characters, setting and plot of the story.  Here is how she describes Pa.

Charles (Pa) is a real man.  He takes care of his family and he cut down trees to build their house.  He knows how to hunt and play the fiddle and he tells Laura and Mary good stories.  He works hard and is good and kind.

I have been on about a million dates since the new year, and I’m pretty sure none of them have been with a real man.   Most of them were nice guys, but all of them have lacked a certain something.  I am not looking for someone perfect, but so far match.com has produced the  most mediocre bunch of dudes you can imagine. 

I don’t think my standards are so high.  I don’t mind if a guy doesn’t look like Brad Pitt.  I often find guys very attractive if they are funny, smart, compassionate or dynamic.  It seems like lately the guys I’ve been out with have been lacking in all areas.  They aren’t especially good-looking, smart, emotionally stable,funny or dynamic or really anything I can latch on to.  None of them come close to being a good guy like Pa who is all of those things and handy and resourceful to boot.

I’ve been taking a break from match.com because of being overloaded at work, but things are slowing down and i’m ready to jump back into the game.  Here’s hoping the universe sends some real men my way soon.  I am totally over going on first dates with mediocre guys.


~ by cleanslate2010 on March 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Real Man”

  1. Just this morning I was thinking of tip-toeing back to match for another go-round, but you’ve reminded me of the weeding out process there, and … I just don’t know if I’m up for it yet.

    Here’s to the real men, wherever they are! (That diorama is priceless.)

  2. Wish I knew someone out west there to connect you with.
    You have such a literate blog…

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