I received a lovely email today.  I’ve actually gotten a few of these before.  Some older gentleman emails with an attractive subject line like “Looking for a fertile woman to have my baby” or “Ready to find a wife who will cook for me!”.  This one was a real gem.  He’s offering me marriage AND a trip to Europe!  Wheeeee!

to find a wife!

Hi,how are you doing?
I am honest, educated, intelligent, smart European man living in Europe. Because I’m busy with my work, I don’t have much time to meet a woman that interests me.  I have big dreams which lead me to believe that anything is possible if you really desire to accomplish those dreams….making them a reality. The character of a woman outweighs money, status, and power at the end of the day.  How about a coffee in EUROPE? My dream is to find a wife!
Really?  I mean, should I email him and say, “yes, i’d love to meet you for a coffee in Europe”.  What are these dudes after?  Isn’t there a website where you can order a bride in the mail?
At least if I run into my ex-boyfriend I can say that i’ve got someone interested in marrying me.  😉

~ by cleanslate2010 on March 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “Really?”

  1. HA! I “know” this guy — at least you got an email — he could only be bothered to “wink” at me!

    He has the most bizarre set of pics on his profile, including what looks like his family lost in a shopping mall!

    AND — he’s clearly many years older than his posted age.

    Good luck with him — and do send us a postcard!

  2. he winked at me this evening after i read his email! good grief. i’m not holding out for perfection, but the options lately have been completely depressing :S

  3. oh dear yes, those types….
    there was a canned letter i got from a guy who wrote each time i put my profile back up — he had no memory of his previous attempts — the letter would be verbatim the same, except for season variations, i.e. the tree he saw from his window. — these impersonal ones are irritating, amusing, and distressing all at once.

  4. I say meeting up for coffee could be a great deal – is he willing to fly you over there and pay for a hotel, plus ONLY meet with you for coffee? Also, where in Europe? There are some places I might not want to go. Wish I could see his picture…

  5. The REAL question is: Does he mean Europe like Paris-Munich-Madrid, or more like Wank, Germany?

  6. re: Tara’s post — if there IS indeed a Wank, Germany, then CS should definitely go — I bet you could write a great blog post about all the Wankers!

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