I got back on match.com this weekend.  I haven’t been out on any dates in the last couple of weeks and decided it was time to get going again.  I had a little housekeeping to do because there were quite a few emails, new and old that I needed to either respond to or delete.

Anyway – I feel like after just a couple of months I’m already feeling jaded about the whole thing.  One dude sent me a harmless email.  Something about being drawn to my passion for travel and teaching.  Seemed nice enough.  In the photo he looks average.  A little bit balding, maybe a bit of gut, but honestly, those things don’t bother me.   Then I dug a little deeper in his profile and was kind of turned off.  His “about my date” section was absurd.  He indicated that ‘his date’ should be no shorter than 5’5 and no taller than 5’11.  Acceptable body types are ‘slender or athletic and toned’, AND his date should earn at least $75,000 a year and it would be better if his date preferred classics and historic fiction to TV!  good grief!  This coming from a balding 40-year-old dude?  Are you kidding?

Anyway – for some reason it really irritated me and I replied with a pretty bitch email saying that I didn’t think I was up to his standards because I am a poor teacher who enjoys watching America’s Next Top Model and drinking beer, which means that I have a little extra fluff around the midsection.  We’ll see if he responds.  Maybe I need to wait another week or two.  It isn’t a good sign when you are angry at people you have never met :S

In the meantime there were emails from a couple of cute, unpretentious types who didn’t seem to mind if I didn’t way 108 lbs. and make a 6-figure salary, so maybe I’ll have some dates to report on soon!


~ by cleanslate2010 on March 21, 2010.

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  1. oh, i’ve been there….
    but often the ones who write first (when you go back up) are not the ones you end up dating. and Yes i know exactly what you mean about being angry at someone you’ve never met! i cancelled a few dates when i noticed that feeling, e.g. one with a man who kept changing the time of our phone date and then of our actual date.

    anyway, for most people — okay, for most women — it takes time. in the east coast, at least, april and may are good months for meeting new online men. good luck to you.

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