The Dog Lover

A few weeks ago, I started emailing the dog lover on  He seemed nice enough, outdoorsy, pretty cute.  He moved here from Montana a few months ago and is excited to get out and meet folks.

Around our 2nd or 3rd email, he asked if I wanted to take a day trip with him.  His idea was to take our bikes on a ferry out to Vashon island (a beautiful island, just 30 minutes away from Seattle!) and go for a ride to the beach, and then maybe go out to dinner.  I LOVED this idea, but emailed back saying that it seemed a bit intense for a first date.   As a general rule, i’d prefer to not be stuck on an island with a dude until I know we don’t hate each other in person.

He came back with a second option, a dayhike closer to town – with our dogs! and then go out for beers and food after.  I have to give this guy credit for trying, especially since all of the guys i’ve been out with lately have been complete duds without an interesting idea to save his life, but this still seemed a little intense.  I emailed back and said, that it sounded fun, but maybe we could just do happy hour instead and then if it’s going well move on to dinner or a walk. 

The dog lover emailed back and suggested we meet at Norm’s, a dog friendly establishment, so that we could still include the dogs (?!).  I emailed back again and said that really, I wasn’t keen on bringing my dog with me on a first date.  I have a wonderful dog.  Her name is Sasha, and she is darling and friendly (in fact. . .you can see here here at , but a dog?  on a first date?  a dog blind date?  I’m not on!  Good grief!  He responded saying no worries, but that he was still planning on bringing his dog along on the date.  

So, I met the dog lover at Norm’s (dog friendly) pub, and guess what?  He didn’t bring his dog!  But, everyone else in the bar did have a dog with them!  And a lot of those dogs were yappy and loud.  In fact, there was a whippet at the table next to me that kept sniffing around on my leg and whining and barking at a decibal I thought would make me go deaf.

The dog lover was nice enough.  He was as cute as in his pictures.  There wasn’t much of an intellectual connection, but at least he is active and likes to get out and do things.   No second date was planned and I wasn’t disappointed.  My dog doesn’t need a new playmate.


~ by cleanslate2010 on April 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Dog Lover”

  1. Ehhh…I think we called that one and sorry we weren’t wrong…Don’t give up!

  2. yeah, a day trip in the great outdoors with a stranger seems sketchy to me. it’s a lot of pressure for a first date, not to mention the fact that he could be a crazy killer (not that sasha wouldn’t protect you). you were right to insist on drinks.

  3. It sounds as if he doesn’t really need (or want) a second companion…he already has a best friend.

  4. Hey, my first visit here. Really enjoyed this post. This guy seems a bit intense, eager to impress. Perhaps a bit mentally unstable.
    *Plentymorefishoutofwater – One Man’s Dating Diary*

    • thanks for reading my blog! i’ve been taking a hiatus from writing. . .and dating really. . .and am trying to get back into the swing of things. your blog is very entertaining!

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