chemistry – part 1

the last couple months i’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from dating and in extension of that, writing about dating.  i was getting frustrated going on dates and meeting folks that were nice enough and attractive enough but not really finding a connection with anyone. 

i had been on one such date just before my spring break in April. we went to the Seattle Art museum to look at sculptures and it was fine and he was nice but there just wasn’t any spark.  we kissed at the end of our date and there was really just nothing.  i was beginning to wonder if i was looking for something impossible.  maybe i was being too picky?  i couldn’t remember the last time i had found really fantastic instant chemistry with a date.

then i went to New Orleans for spring break.

about 10 days before the break, i got a surprise phone call from a cousin of mine who lives in New Orleans.  her wedding (which i had already RSVP-ed ‘no’ to) was two weeks away and she had just had an enormous falling out with her maid-of-honor.  she was hoping i would book a plane ticket, purchase a ‘watermelon’ colored dress and be on a plane on time.  i told her i was broke.  she called her dad and asked him to buy me a ticket, and less than two weeks later i was on a flight, headed to Louisiana geared up with a hot-pink, silk, Polo – Ralph Lauren halter dress that I found at Nordstrom Rack for $18.

the wedding happened to fall the same weekend as a huge festival in the French Quarter, so hotel rooms were scarce.  my options for lodging were my cousins 2-bedroom condo where i would be sharing space with my cousin, her fiance, their baby, 3 dogs and 3 groomsmen (early 20-somethings who smoke a lot of weed and play X-Box all day in their wife-beater tank tops) OR my parents hotel room on St. Charles Avenue (my mom was positive there would be room for me in their california king bed!).  i settled on my parents room when we found out that the room also had a sofa bed.  being 33 and staying on a sofa bed in your parents hotel room isn’t ideal, but i just couldn’t afford a $300/night hotel room for 4 days.  i felt very Bridget Jones.

my last-minute expedia flight had me on a route through Los Angeles and i had to be at the airport by 5am for my departure.  i slept through the first flight and practically sleep-walked my way onto Airbus A319 for the flight from Los Angeles to New Orleans.  i was nursing an enormous coffee i bought in the airport terminal when a good-looking guy caught my eye.  i was pleased when he sat down just across the aisle from me, one row back.  we made eye contact, he smiled.  and then the baby next to him started to scream.   the screaming never really stopped, so the cute guy on the plane put on his Bose sound proof headphones and closed his eyes.  in the chaos of deboarding the plane, i never had a chance to talk to him and lost sight of him as soon as we were in the airport.

 from the airport, i headed straight to the church for the wedding rehearsal and then was off to the rehearsal dinner, a lovely, catered dinner at a beautiful, restored, antebellum house.   i spent the next day sight-seeing, eating beignets and stomping around town with my mom and dad.  evening rolled around and my parents had dinner reservations.  i decided to stay back at the hotel to get ready for the bachelorette party. 

my cousin is one of those girls who doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends so the bachelorette party was actually just a small group of us heading out to a jazz club.  we were 7 altogether including me, my cousin, her uncle (a hippy from Oregon in his early 40s), his fiancée (another hippy from Oregon – with dreadlocks made of multi-colored yarn), and my cousin’s brother and best friends (all boys).  i wasn’t sure what to wear, but ended up getting pretty dressed up.

the jazz club we went to was actually a dive bar called Vaughan’s and we were there to see a legendary musician, Kermit Ruffins.  we arrived around 9pm, because apparently you have to be there early in order to get in, but Kermit wasn’t even playing until around midnight.  i was struggling to keep conversation going and feeling pretty worn out, when all of a sudden i noticed the cute guy from my flight walk into the bar.

(to be continued. . .)


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7 Responses to “chemistry – part 1”

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  2. Can’t wait to hear more… and I love Vaughan’s AND Kermit Ruffins!

    Welcome back!

  3. Hooray for being back! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story…it’s got all the right fixin’s’ for a grand adventure…


  4. TBC??? I am patiently waiting for the ending! Hooray for coming back and miss you tons!

  5. I’m with Jenny and she is refusing to tell me what happens in part 2… the suspension is killing me!

  6. Okay, it’s July 1st. Making us wait this long is just MEAN. Get to it, pretty please!

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