chemistry (a very delayed part 2)

in case ANYONE is still reading my blog that i have abandoned this summer. . .here is the conclusion to the story that i started a while back 🙂

i couldn’t believe my luck.  the cute guy from the plane showing up was something out of a romantic comedy and that kind of thing NEVER happens to me.  he was on his own and headed toward the bar where i was standing with my misfit family members and stoner kids from seattle.  the hippies from Eugene asked me why i was blushing all of a sudden and i quickly updated them on the situation.

rainbow-dreadlocks, squealed and immediately ran up to the guy.  he looked in my direction, smiled and nodded his head a lot and then joined our group.  within a minute he had replenished all of our drinks and met all of my random companions.  3 or 4 Abitas later and i was in love with the cute guy from my flight.  he had somehow managed to get me drunk, charm the pants off of my family and carry on a conversation with me that made me feel like i was the only woman in the world.  the cute guy from my flight wasn’t only good looking, but smart, funny, witty and interesting.  amazing.  he works for HBO.  he is a PRODUCER.  i checked out his credentials on their website.  he wasn’t making anything up.

drinks led to dancing and all of a sudden it is 1am.  (note – in Seattle, noone stays out until 1am and if you are in your 3os, dancing rarely happens).  my cousin, the bride, was ready to go home and get some beauty rest.  i, along with the producer and the hippies from Eugene were just getting going.  he invited us out to a reggae club where a friend of his spins records (or something like that. .. i was pretty ham-hocked by this point and don’t remember things super clearly).  my cousin, the bride, hugged us all goodbye and very sweetly invited the producer to the wedding. he is pretty sure he can’t make it but he would love to hang out again.

after a confusing taxi ride, dancing and drinking continued at the reggae club.  i’m not sure if we started making out in the taxi first, or at the reggae club, but at some point we started and didn’t want to stop.  he asked if i wanted to come back to the apartment where he was staying.  i said of course i did.  another confusing taxi ride later and i’m in the living room of someone’s apartment and it’s like ‘college girls gone wild – spring break New Orleans’ which is completely ridiculous.  i’m a fairly conservative kindergarten teacher.  we fool around in the living room and at some point i ask whose apartment are we at and he mentions that it is the apartment of a film producer who is working on a project with the group of actors who starred in the Hangover.   no shit.

THEN it is time for me to go home and i realize that it is 4 or 5am and i need to show up at the hotel at some point because i’m staying with my parents.  MY  PARENTS.

at some point there is light and my mom is tapping on me, trying to wake me up.  she is armed with coffee, mineral water, alka seltzer, eye drops and ibuprofen.  best mom in the world.  she tells me i need to report to my hair and make- up appointment at Starlight Salon in the Garden District in less than an hour and asks why on earth i stumbled back to the hotel so late.

i pull myself together enough to meet up with my cousin, the bride, at the salon not looking TOO ridiculously hungover (thanks for the eye drops mom!) and spend the next few hours getting gussied up southern style (read: too much make-up and a tacky up-do) and don’t give a thought to the producer.  finally at some point my cousin mentions him and asks if he’s coming to the wedding and i don’t know but when i check my phone i’ve got 6 texts from him!


~ by cleanslate2010 on August 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “chemistry (a very delayed part 2)”

  1. Teri, I knew you wouldn’t let me down! Please tell me there is a “Chemistry Part 3??” I’d also like to see this hot pink halter dress…sounds amazing!

  2. I knew you wouldn’t let me down, Teri! Is there a “Chemistry, Part III?!”

  3. I have checked for part 2 on a daily bases….waaaw….and what a story…waiting on part 3…:)

  4. Why did we not hear about this sooner?! There better be a part III!

  5. Wow, this has been a long time ago.

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